About RE:NSW

In response to the COVID-19 and bushfire recovery situations that are affecting communities across NSW, Destination Southern NSW (DSNSW) and Destination Sydney Surrounds South (DSSS) both play an important role in providing industry partners and operators with a single source of information on bushfire response and recovery information.

There are a lot of questions being asked in response to immediate risks and challenges being faced by our industry. Once the immediate threat of these situations is over, help will be sought for medium- and longer-term challenges related to recovery and rebuilding of businesses and communities.

In response to the current COVID-19 and bushfire recovery situations being experienced across NSW, there is a range of resources being distributed by a variety of local, state and national organisations. DSNSW and DSSS are gathering this information together here – bring together existing information and content that will be created by DSNSW. Our aim is to encourage businesses in affected areas to communicate early and communicate often.

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